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Products By An Electrician, For The Electrician

JWR Products is an innovative, progressive company striving to supply needed electrical products for the electrical industry.

We have a mission to supply the electrician in the the field with items that are not only practical, but efficient and of high quality.

JWR Products is the manufacturer and distributor of the famous Kwik Klip™ cable support, invented by Mr. Rumbold, that makes the installation of non-metallic sheathed cable in both steel and wood applications a breeze.

Electrical Contractor / Inventor Jim Rumbold is the founder and President of JWR Products.  As an electrician, Mr. Rumbold always tried to find easier and better ways of doing everyday tasks in the workplace.   Many times throughout his career,  Jim felt that many of the products that were available fell short of being practical and useful.  Jim would say, "I wish an electrician would design this, it would be better!"  This attitude eventually motivated him to start designing parts, supplies and tools that would make his wish come true.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.  We will also send you free samples by request.  You may order directly from JWR Products, or request your supply warehouse to start stocking JWR Products!


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